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Doggy Moggy Chicken Veggie Raw

A complete and balanced meal with lots of vitamins and pure ingredients for optimal digestion


  • Chicken Trim, Chicken Organs, Chicken Bone Meal
  • Cooked Carrots, Cooked Potatoes, Oats, Lentils, Peas, Eggs, Alfalfa, Kelp, Flax Meal

Doggy Moggy Chicken Raw comes in a 42 LB box, in 1 LB and 2 LB packages (frozen).


All prices subject to 5% GST

Package SizeQuantityPricePrice Unit
Box, 42 LBS1 LB - 40 LB$2.50LB
Box, 42 LBS42 LB - 300 LB$2.20LB
Box, 42 LBS302 LB - 5000 LB$1.80LB

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